Integrated Light Healing - Kausay Muju

he Kausay Muju (Living Energy Seed) is a healing technique specifically designed by the Inca Q'eros

The Integrated Light Healing or Kausay Muju (Living Energy Seed) is a Q'ero Incan healing technique that is designed to increase the light in your energy field or luminous body. With this healing you will receive an integration of energy (sami, or light energy). In particular, you will be aligned with "Four Suns" or forces of energy (Venus, Orion, the Sun, and Mercury) to bring greater health and vibrancy and to live in strength and wellness.

Your light can become a beacon and sanctuary for others to feel good around you and lift their energies and Mother Earth, as well. The word "muju" refers the spiritual seed that resides in each person. However, this seed needs energy to grow and thrive. This healing helps to provide the living energy needed to germinate your potential and protect your growth in these times.

The Q'ero Incas teach that we are living now in the time of the New Beginning or what is also known as the Great Pachakuti (time of the new beginning). On the solstice of June 21, 2012, the four suns came into alignment on our planet. According to the Q'eros, it had been 126 million years since these alignments had taken place. Between the summer and winter solstices of 2012, the energies began to shift steadily and since then they are quickly increasing the frequencies on earth. In a sense, the planetary alignments can be understood as gears in a mechanism for bringing in new and much higher frequencies that help to usher in the new times. Many changes on our planet continue to take place affecting Mother Earth (Pachamama), all people, plants and animals. While the increase in frequencies is beneficial, as a whole, we may not be able to easily adjust to them without some help. Thus the reaction we may have or see around us in the world at this time can cause us to feel out of alignment, stressed, ill, confused, and depressed or on a roller coaster of emotions and energies. It may be difficult for us to process and understand what is going on, but we are part of a greater whole and when some parts are distressed then this feeling spreads throughout space infecting and effecting us all, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. With the Integrated Light Healing or Kausay Muju, you can increase your light frequency and become more in alignment with your higher self and purpose on earth and prepared to handle the energies of the new times. Additionally, it can help you to protect against the environmental pollution that we live in (negative media, unhealthy life-styles, technological machines that expose us to unnatural frequencies, etc). All these things can affect us and build up in our system decreasing our light and build up layers of negative energies (hucha) that should be addressed and cleansed.

During the Integrated Light Healing (Kausay Muju) you will be connected to each of the four suns in order to heal different parts of your body. Venus (bones) Orion (blood) Sun (heart) and Mercury (luminous body field or aura). Also, new energy flow will be brought to your three vital centers (navel, heart, third eye). The four suns also activate what is known as the Inca Seed or Living Energy Seed. The Inca Seed represents our soul and the pure child within us that needs to be reawakened. With this integration of light you will be able to experience more light within yourself as well as be able to share more light with others from your soul. One more aspect of this initiation is that, in general, we work with the energy of the number four. This is to honor the four elements and four directions which are represented also by the sacred Inca cross or Chakana. It is to stabilize you into space and time and give you direction.

In Spring 2012, Q'ero Paqos, Don Modesto and Don Bernadino taught us this method for these times. We were told we can share it and pass these healings to others and it is important to do so. The Koto K'anch'ay (Pleiadian Stars Healing) is another technique designed for the new times, they taught us that is related.

To schedule an appointment for the Integrated Light (Kausay Muju) Healing, contact us. This healing may be done in person or long distance.