Crystal Skull and Sound Activation

Crystal Skulls bring powerful dimensions of communication and healing to the Earth.

Crystal Skulls bring powerful dimensions of communication and healing to the Earth. We can work with crystal skulls to increase our understanding of ourselves, humans, our spiritual guides as well as other universal dimensions. This is the first of a series of workshops on crystal skull consciousness. This is a hands on workshop. Participants will be involved in a variety of exercises to help them communicate with their crystal skulls. Bring a journal, and a list of questions you may have, and your own personal crystal skull if you have one. If you do not have a crystal skull, let me know, and I will have one available for you to work with during the workshop. Many activated crystal skulls will be there to work and meditate with, including the Mongolian Crystal Skulls; Leonid Regulus, Tao Chi, Tzong La, Rainbow Warrior, Josephine and Solomon. Over 60 crystal skulls will be here holding space.

Gina will be conducting the workshop training and powerpoint presentation. Bart will be facilitating the sound activations with his gong, flute, singing bowls and other instruments.

Topics included in this one day beginner workshop:

    • What is a crystal skull and why might we want to work with one?
    • Skulls as transmitters, recorders, reflectors, and transformers
    • Famous Crystal Skulls, their legends, and history
    • Learning to “talk” and “listen” to your crystal skull.
    • Decoding the messages from your skull.
    • Different types of crystal skull stones and their healing properties
    • Preparing Your Crystal Skull to work with you
    • Activating your crystal skull
    • Crystal Skull Sound Activations
    • Q and A

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