Despacho (Flower) Ceremony

Despacho Ceremony, Andean flower offering

Despachos are traditional offerings made by Inca shamans (male or female paqos) to honor Mother Earth (Pachamama). They may also be made for the mountain spirits (apus) goddesses of the waters (nustas) or ancestral spirits as well as people and for other reasons. The purpose of despachos is to bring balance back into relationships by offering reciprocity and gratitude for those gifts which we receive.

They are also used as prayers to create healing or a positive outcome (such as abundance, a new job, relationship healing, etc.).

The Inca healing despachos are made up of a long list of natural and symbolic products. They may include roses, flower, cotton, seeds, sugar, candy, fruit, herbs, incense, resin, and many more possibilities. The Despacho Ceremony may take a variety of forms or shapes that are also representative of the type of healing or purpose that you can connect to through this intent. Depending on the ingredients, shape, and purpose, each despacho will look different. No two despachos are alike.

The paqos have instructed us on some of the traditional ways that despachos can be created. They are most of all made with love, compassion, and generosity. We can make a personalized Despacho Ceremony for and with you to help you bring more flow in your life, a connection with the Divine or, personal goal or expression of gratitude. We will make an Inca healing Despacho Ceremony with your participation and energy. You will add your intentions, gratitude, and personal request into the despacho. You will do this with the help of a kintu (three coca leaves, bay leaves, rose leaves) into which you will blow your prayers and intentions. In the Andes, coca leaves are used. In the West, we typically use rose leaves or bay leaves because they have a similar high level of energy appropriate for the purpose. You must always ask and put your intentions in with a pure heart so the energies, spirits and guides will support you with what you need for your highest good.

The despacho will be offered to the fire, water, or earth. This will vary depending on the despacho, person, and timing. As soon as it is offered, a transformation process will begin.

If you would like a Despacho Ceremony created for and with you, contact us. Typically they are done in person, but we can make one at a distance on your behalf, as well.