Angel Connection - Anchanchus

This Inca healing connects you to your angel guides, Anchanchus

In Inca Shamanism there are many spirits who help to guide our lives. Some of these are connected to the earth, the mountains, the lakes and rivers, and some of them are connected to the stars and other worlds. Incan cosmology states that there are three worlds or levels of existence in which we live and our helpers and spirits can be found in these specific levels.

There is the Upper World, the Middle World, and the Lower World. These have nothing to do with Judeo Christian cosmology of Heaven and Hell, by the way. Instead, they represent the Earth and layers under the ground (such as caves and other dimensions); and the world on top of the Earth where we live and walk; as well as those places and dimensions above the earth (stars, planets, upper realms and space).

In the Upper World, one of the types of spirit guides who help us are the Anchanchus. The Anchanchus could be understood as Guardian Angels or light beings. They reside in the Upper World and simultaneously are part of our aura or energetic luminous body. The Angel Healing specifically connects you to your Anchanchus or Angels who will assist you in opening up any blocks you have to realizing your future as it should be. The healing is designed to open up and cleanse the seven energetic points on your back so that you can move forward in life with ease and grace and the guidance of your angels. For the Q'eros the back of your body represents your future because you have not seen it yet. Therefore the energetic points are located there. Furthermore, there are seven layers to our aura and these are also cleared and prepared with light energy to give us direction and understand the guidance we receive with the help of our Anchanchus or Angels

Another interpretation of the word Anchanchu is that they are the goddesses of the waters. You can see them in both respects at the same time, goddesses and angels. The Anchanchus bring sweetness and flow to life and cleanse with the healing element of water as well as the energy from the Upper Worlds.

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