Healing Sound Bath

Singing Bowls Massage

What is a Sound Bath?

A Sound Bath is an experience in pure healing vibrations of sound. In daily life, there can be a lot of stress and disharmonious frequencies that invade our energetic systems without us even being aware of it. Chaotic sounds of traffic, machines, factories, unhappy or stressed voices, television, and inaudible frequencies of cell towers, power lines, phones, computers all take their toll on our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. These discordant sounds and frequencies bombard us 24/7 and while we may try to tune them out, they do effect us. In a sense, they overload our electrical systems so that we "short out". This is when you may notice that you could be easily triggered, irritated, nervous, anxious, burnt out, confused, or depressed. That is when it is time to take charge and do something about it before we actually become ill. Sometimes, all we really need to do is recalibrate ourselves with more harmonious sounds so that we can de-stress and re-attune to the natural flow of the universe and heal deeply on a cellular level. The sounds of singing bowls and gongs can very effectively bring us back into alignment again in all these ways. They also clear out the accumulated negative vibrations that have built up in our system throughout daily life, work, and illnesses. There is no more powerful and quickly transformational medium than sound and music.

With the meticulously and precisely tuned healing Peter Hess Singing bowls and Tom Tom Gong, the vibrational frequencies take each person on a musical journey. No two people will experience it the same way and every time the feeling will be completely different and new for that moment. For some, the experience is meditative and deeply relaxing, while other people may see visions, see their guides appearing or be taken to other dimensions. Others may experience sensations in the body and emotions related to particular healing that is taking place for them. Other people simply feel refreshed and whole again, deeply peaceful, yet sparkling clear.

The gong is powerful yet entrancing with high and low tones. You may hear whales and dolphins one moment and in another moment feel as if you are going through a portal in time through the universe or have the sensation of being deeply rooted into Mother Earth. The gong has an enormous range of sound. It is alive and responds to those people who are there to help them with whatever it is they need. The player tunes into this and become a channel for the sounds that are being called to be sounded out, echoing the hearts and souls of the journeyers. They are highly effective meditative tools and especially help to bring about deep healing and a shift in consciousness.

The singing bowls we use are of especially tuned to the different chakras and each bowl has many healing sounds within it that ring out when called upon or in harmony with the bowls and frequencies in the room. There are singing bowls that deeply ground you, open your heart, third eye, clear your energy field, wake you up, or lull you to sleep and relax. There are bowls that ring out in symphony with each other as they surround you in healing vibrations that make your being shine and glow. We have many bowls and instruments designed specifically to suit many needs.

During a Sound Bath you may either lie on a mat, comfortable Reiki/massage table or sit in a chair and listen. There is not much you have to do, except to relax, close your eyes and enjoy your inward journey while being bathed and cleansed in healing vibrational sound. Usually, a deep state of relaxation takes place or you may also fall asleep. Even if you fall asleep, the healing takes place. We suggest that you dress in something loose and comfortable. You may bring your own mat or blanket if you wish or any crystals, medicine bundles or personal healing tools you would like to have with you. But you do not have to. We have mats, blankets and all that you need for a comfortable experience.

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