Reiki Level One Attunement

Recieve the Reiki level one attunement in the Lineage of Mikao Usui.

Reiki is a wonderful preventative medicine. Yet it is even more than that. By practicing Reiki on yourself or others, you will be able to experience both its preventive and its curative functions simultaneously. If you have an illness, Reiki energy will find the source or it in your energy field and work on it cure it. If you are not ill, Reiki will simply promote your health and longevity so that you may stay well. The preventive, as well as the curative aspects of Reiki makes it a unique healing system. Reiki strengthens your aura and helps you to emit a stronger frequency that will protect you not only from physical ailments, but also emotional, and psychic stress in the environment.

By providing Reiki to others, you can make a positive change in many people's lives. You will be able to share Reiki healing with your family and others, but perhaps most importantly, you will be able to use Reiki on yourself. Simply by working with Reiki on yourself, you will raise your frequency and exude a natural positive contagious attitude and feeling for others around you. And by helping others with Reiki, you will continue to receive the flow of Reiki back to yourself. In other words, as you help others, you help yourself. As you help yourself, you help others. It's a win/win process.

In the Reiki I Attunement, you will energetically receive of Reiki and be connected to the lineage of Reiki so that you can begin to use it for healing. You will learn the history, philosophy, the meaning of Reiki, and how to work with the energies. You will learn some very important hand positions, how to scan the body for blocks, and what goes into a Reiki treatment.

Each of these steps is very important to work with after the initial attunement on your own. You will need to spend time studying, practicing, and learning how to feel the energies. You should begin practicing some basic techniques to feel the energy. Then spend time giving Reiki to yourself and offering it free to friends or family that you would like to share it with in your practicum time. You should spend at least six months practicing and getting used to the energies before you move onto to Reiki II. Reiki will go into your system and make a change for your overall health. It will transform your life. So be aware that your life may begin to change and be open for that, in all its possibilities.

With Reiki I, you will receive the attunement itself and time to learn some of the techniques and background, as mentioned above. This takes approximately half a day. After your Reiki I Attunement, you can receive support for questions and a follow up session to see how you are doing over time. Reiki reading material will be made available, but you it is also best to purchase your own more extended Reiki manual. Advice on the best reading resources will be provided.
If you are interested in the Reiki I Attunement, please contact us. This attunement and class may only be done in person.