The Path of the Energetic Mystic – Part 1. A Key to Open Your Heart

The Path of the Energetic Mystic – Part 1. A Key to Open Your Heart

Guided by an ancient prophecy, some 25 years ago the Q'ero, the living descendants from the Incas, came down from the Andean mountains. There they had lived for almost 500 years, secluded from the world. All these centuries they have guarded the traditional shamanistic ways of the paqo, the priest healer.

This preserved knowledge and pure wisdom now comes available from the source itself. In 2011 paqos from Peru started their very own training in the Netherlands. The following year the training took off in Sweden as well and in 2013 the paqo's will extend their practices to the north of Peru. Their apprentices learn the authentic way of becoming a paqo, called a Pampamesayoq. Through their training centre, Serena Anchanchu, the paqo's heed the calling in their prophecy: "In the New Time, bring your pure and ancient wisdom to the world and guide people to walk this beautiful path of the heart."

This book, based on the first year of training, offers you in a direct and intimate way the first steps to walk this path and find your inner star.

By: Inge Teunissen and Dennis Alejo Mango

The Path of the Energetic Mystic

This coming February, the 18th to be exact, a new book will come to light: The Path of the Energetic Mystic – Part 1, A Key to Open Your Heart. This book is the first instalment of the basic training of becoming a paqo: a shaman in the tradition of the Peruvian Q'ero. In order to illustrate the significance of this publication, we need to take a step back in time. To the days when the Inca Empire reached its cultural and economic peak.

In those days the ancient ways of natural healing of the native medicine men and women, thrived among the many tribes that populated the Andes area. The Spanish conquest however, in the early 16th century, put a brutal stop to the shamanistic ways. Christianity spread like wildfire and the beauty and pureness of natural healing became all but extinct. However, a small group of Inca survivors fled to the mountains from the Spanish conquerors. There they lived at altitudes of 14.000 feet and higher. For more than four hundred years the pureness of the wisdom of living energy directed by the cosmos (Kawsay pacha) and the earth (Pachamama), was well-preserved by the Q'eros.

Their knowledge that was delivered to them from their ancestors by word of mouth, passed on through generations. Then in 1955 the anthropologist, Oscar Nuñes del Prado, made his ‘discovery' of the Q'eros publicly known.

This brought about the mingling of the old with the new and with that the almost inevitable loss of pureness. Nowadays less and less younger Q'eros are willing to walk the path of the priest healer, to become a paqo.

The Path of the Energetic Mystic – Part 1. A Key to Open Your Heart

This development coincides with an important prophecy among the Q'eros. In this prophecy it is said that when the ice in the high Andes glaciers would start to melt, the Q'eros would have to descend from their mountains. Pachamama, Mother Earth, would then be in dire need of their knowledge, to alleviate the pain she was in. The traditional ways of healing would have to be shared with the world. Around 1980 this turning point was reached. Following their prophecy, the paqos sought to take on apprentices that were not originally from their own tribe. The doors to the secluded Q'ero community were set ajar.

Then, in 2010 a wondrous meeting took place in Cusco, a south eastern Peruvian city, where in the olden days the historical capital of the Inca Empire was located. After earlier contact with several Q'ero paqos and their interpreter Dennis Alejo Mango, Dutch editor Inge Teunissen, met with three paqos. She asked them if they would be willing to teach their authentic shamanistic wisdom in a training centre of their own in the Netherlands. They instantly accepted the offer and said that this has been their wish for many years.

And so in the spring of 2011 paqos travelled from the highest region in the world to the lowest. There, under the wings of Serena, Centre for Inca Shamanism, they began their teaching of Western apprentices in the traditional Incan path of becoming a Pampamesayoq, keeper of Mother Earth. In this training, that spans four years, the paqos share their knowledge first hand. And, what is even more special, their words and exercises have been put into writing.

The ancient knowledge now comes available straight from the source. One on one, oral knowledge with an unfathomable legacy, becomes scriptural knowledge in The Path of the Energetic Mystic – Part 1, A Key to Open Your Heart.

The Path of the Energetic Mystic can be purchased at for € 22,90.

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