Mountain (Apu) Healing

In Inca Shamanism the Mountains are sacred healing allies

In Inca shamanism, all parts of nature have a spirit with which you can connect with to give and receive energy. For the Q'ero Incas, nature is supremely respected and honored because it is living and supportive of all aspects of life. The places the Q'eros revere the most are logically within their immediate landscape and because they live in the mountains, the mountains orapus are considered extremely important.

The mountains physically and spiritually support and feed the Q'eros, and for that matter, the rest of the world. Each mountain around the world is connected to each other in a worldwide network that stores and transmits tremendous amounts of energy crucial to the environment on earth. Mountains also connect to the stars and other worlds or dimensions. Every mountains stores and is known for holding a different type (or types) of healing energies. The mountain energy can be masculine or feminine, but the word apuis considered to be masculine, while feminine mountains (or sections of mountains) are feminine and called nustas. Nustas are also related to goddess energies and particular bodies of water. One of the most important mountains of all is called Apu Ausungate and it is hugely significant for the Q'ero people in a great many ways, but there are many other powerful mountains, as well. One way that the Q'ero people speak to the apus is as a father figure. They may call them by name such as Father Apu Ausungate. They are really part of their family, and there for guidance and love. As part of the family in general, they are thought of like ancestors, but the word apu can also be translated as a light being or spirit of the mountain. This light being can intercede on human's behalf and help to connect one to the Upper and Middle World.

In the Mountain (Apu) Healing, you will receive a connection to the energy of the mountains. This connection brings stability, balance, supportive energy and opens the heart. Many times in life, we may feel ungrounded and afloat in life with no direction or anchor. We might feel a lack of support for who we are or what we want to do in life. Other people in our lives may not agree with us or our work does not fit how we see ourselves. The relationships we have with the ones we are supposed to feel close to (spouses, friends, relatives, colleagues) could lack a sense of connection or support and may even feel as if support is actually being drained from us energetically. If this occurs, we may feel isolated, lonely and increasingly disconnected. The mountains have immense power and support for us when we connect to them. The Mountain Healing treatment draws a direct energetic line for you to be fed once again and given the support that you need, when you need it. An apu can assist and work with any person, near or far, who makes contact with that particular apu and asks for the apu's assistance. This will help to bring back more balance and alignment with your life and purpose. It will help to bring the nectar back into your life, as the paqos call it. This means that you can trust again and feel your inner child who wants to play and enjoy life as it was meant to be lived. The mountains do not judge you; they are here to help you with their strength. They help you to trust and to open your heart again. The apus can also help you to develop your healing powers and give you protection.

You will also be connected with the support of the condor energy. The condor is a sacred mountain bird of power for the Incans who has many healing attributes. In this sense, the condor helps to heal your heart and give you support along with the mountains. The paqos say that one of the results of the Mountain (Apu) Healing is that you will be able to feel that "your own heart is holding you". This means that you will be given the support necessary to live from your heart and feel nurtured and cradled by this process.

To schedule an appointment for the Mountain (Apu) Healing, contact us. This healing may be done in person or long distance.