Vibrational Aspects of Sound Healing

The sounds I work with are naturally harmonious sounds and have been used for many generations for consciousness raising meditations and healings. Profound states of trance can be experienced with these instruments and their effects can provide important insights and a deep state of inner peace.

The vibrations that a singing bowl produces, because of the particular combinations and composition of steels, are associated with the vibrations of the universe. These specific sounds have a tendency to create universal harmony in all our bodies (both energetic and physical). Singing bowls stimulate the mind to go in a restful position, and the cells in your body will start to remember what it was like to live in complete harmony without any trauma. And that time is before birth, as being born is the first and many most traumatic experience in everyone's life.

Sacred Sounds and Meditations The gong is specifically used to travel with and and for profound healing. The sounds that come out of a gong are very special and they touch you in an intense manner. It is also an instrument which as it were "attacks" the ego but also helps you to get past it. Therefore it is important to challenge the ego with the gong play and at the same time travel along on the sound of the gong to another state of consciousness.

Through playing the flute a new world of sounds opened up for me. After a beautiful ceremony, I received a message to start and play the Native American (Indian) flute. Three weeks later have I had my first flute and after three days I could play him like I've been playing the flute for a long time. This was almost instantly second nature to me and I know now that if I play flute, I am attuned to healing energies. No song will ever play the same twice because I always play from the heart and I let myself be guided by the energy that is currently present or should be present.

The sounds of a healing drum have the same function as the other instruments, they bring the mind into a different vibrational state, shifting the focus of our often busy stream of thoughts in quieter waters. The sounds and vibrations can then work and ground the healing energies in your systems. Your mind will open itself up to new possibilities and through sacred Inca songs, work is being done with the help of the sacred mountain energies of the Peruvian Andes.

The rattle has always fulfilled a specific function in all healing work and ceremonies. A good rattle takes you to other dimensions of your mind and higher states of being, especially if combined with sacred Inca songs and flute sounds.

A didgeridoo is a strong grounding tool through which it is possible to make special connections through trance journeys. Connections with the earth, within the earth and the universe all by breathing in a hollow log.

These are the tools and the kind of sounds I work with. Almost always I use one or more instruments in the energy work I do.

Sound Healing Journeys, Activities and Ceremonies

I have in recent years have contributed to a number of very special ceremonies, activations, initiations and events through the instruments I play, energy work I do (or both). Grandma Chandra, Judith Moore, Grand Canyon, Sedona, Gulpa Gorge, Freedom Fire 2011, 2012 and 2013, St. Nectan's Glenn, Hurlers Stones, Tintagel, Crystal Skull Event 2011, Oneness event 11/11/11, Crystal Hot Springs event, Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Eigentijds Festival, Drop Out Festival 2014, Crystals and Crystal Skull Event Hot Springs, Online Crystal Skull Festival 2013, several radio interviews at the Bob Charles Radio Show.

Sound ActivitiesInstruments - Sounds
Shamanic Journeying Native American Flutes
Sound Workshops Singing Bowls
Healing Sound Baths Tam Tam Gong
Ceremonies in places of power Didgeridoo, clapstick, the bullroarer
Ceremonies in Nature Healing Drum, Ocean Drum
Support other Healers Rattle, Mouth Harp
Sound performance at Events Sacred Songs and Whistle Sounds

To get an impression of the sounds and music that I work with, listen to a few music video's I made on My YouTube Channel.

Contact me if you have interest or a potential place to set up a sound session in your area (for example) a yoga or meditation center.

If you are organizing an event where I could make a contribution, contact me as I gladly exchange thoughts about wishes and possibilities.