Pleiadian Stars Initiation, Koto Kuna Karpay

This Inca shamanism initiations connects you with the Pleiadian stars

The Pleiadian Stars Initiation or the Koto Kuna Karpay is very important to the Inca Q'eros of the Peruvian Andes. It is crucial because the Pleiades star cluster, also known throughout the world as the Seven Sisters, is considered to be the home of the Incan ancestors. The star people of the Pleiades are still in contact with the Incas and regularly convey sacred knowledge and energy to its descendants. In fact, the Q'ero Incas believe that most people on earth originally came from these stars, as well as a few other important constellations, such as Orion, Sirius, the Southern Cross and others. Therefore it is very important for the Incas to maintain contact from these stars. Every star conveys its own frequency of light and each frequency offers a separate blessing. Each person is thought to also be personally connected to one or more the Pleiadian stars as his or her place of origin.

The Quechua word, koto, means little star and refers to the stars of the Pleiades. These stars collectively are seen as a huaca or place of power like a sacred site. Alignments were made with temples at Machu Picchu, in ancient Incan times with the Pleiades in order to create lines (sacbes) or roads of energy, like a leylines between the temples and the light of the Pleiades. Additionally, Inca shamans, and specifically altomesayoqs (those struck by lightning three times) make contact with the Upper World and the stars and receive new and important knowledge and energies on the tops of sacred mountains (apus). The Pleiadan light is transmitted to the apus, in the same way as to the temples, through the sacbes, leylines from the stars.

In essence, we will be creating these sacbes or lines of energy with each corresponding chakra on your body so that it may be illuminated by each of the seven stars in a particular way. Interrelated with the seven stars are our seven chakras or nawis (energy centers). To bring the light of each star's energy will help you to connect in the future with the support and energy of these stars. They will help you also to recreate your energetic or auric field and raise its frequency level. This is especially important in the New Times we live in. Often the old energies persist in our energy field and fight the new ones so that we have a hard time moving forward in life and living from our heart and soul. With the help of your Pleiadian family, you will be given the support in each aspect of your life and body part to work towards a new and brighter future, not only for yourself, but for those you come in contact with, as well as Mother Earth. Literally, your body and each chakra will be like a temple that receives the light of the Pleiades. You will then become a beacon of light that shines in the world with renewed purpose.

The Pleiadian Stars Initiation (Koto Kuna Karpay) differs from the Pleiadian Stars Healing (Koto Kanchay). While you are healed and blessed with the Pleiades light frequencies during the healing session, the initiation activates you in a deeper way, and is an entirely different ceremonial process that is much more extended and involved. It is actually a series of deep initiations with each star. Moreover, you will go through a process subsequently as part of your homework to continue to deepen the connection with each star in a personal way.

The Pleiadian Stars and their Meanings:

  1. Puriq Qoto (Asterope): Twin Stars. Asterope I & II (feet and legs) Meaning: "To move forward" To work with the flow.
  2. Tarpaq Qoto (Taygeta): Meaning: "To plant or sow." The energy is connected to the tail of our spinal column or base of spine. To support ourselves. It is a star of creativity. By working with the light of this star, we can awaken our hidden abilities, potential, and skills.
  3. Nawi Qoto (Maya): Connected to the Solar Disc or Solar Plexus. This star relates to our identity. It helps us to remember who we truly are and our purpose in life.
  4. Munay Qoto (Celeano): This star connects to the Heart and the condition of Love relationships. The light of this star also represents Compassion.
  5. Llanqaq Qoto (Electra): This star is related to the Chakana or cross. It creates bridges. It is a star that allows service. It is also connected to the Throat Chakra.
  6. Illary Qoto (Merope): Key word: Perception. This star works with our perceptions and makes these wider or more expansive. It is connected to our Third Eye.
  7. Kanchaq Qoto (Alyceon): Key word: New Beginnings. This star connects to the Crown Chakra. It is the energy of the Divine. This star gives a blessing of Pure Energy.

If you are interested in the Pleiadian Stars Initiation, contact us. This initiation may only be done in person.