Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing Session

Crystals work on many levels. The healing properties of quartz crystal have been used in many cultures throughout time. Some of the healing properties include amplification, storage, transmission, reception, focus, transformation and clearing of energies. Each individual piece of quartz has a geometric formation that focuses the healing properties of the crystal in a specific way (in addition to the general properties of quartz). Furthermore, other types of quartz such as rose quartz, amethyst, smoky quartz, and other forms of quartz with many mineral inclusions hold additional healing properties. In fact, many stones on earth have a certain amount of quartz which enhances their healing potential.

Quartz also balances and energizes the aura, etheric, emotional and physical body. It works through our chakras to activate, cleanse and balance our systems. Another benefit that some people report is increased psychic abilities.

It is a great benefit to wear or carry chosen crystals with you. You may also benefit by placing them around the home, garden, car, or workplace. Choosing the crystals that are right for you is easy. Which ones are you drawn to? The crystal that draws you the most is usually the very one you require for a particular ailment or emotional situation at that time. It may wish to connect with you to assist in you your healing and growth. We can also suggest crystals which may be good for you to work with for healing, if you would like assistance.

Your Crystal Healing Session

During your healing crystal session, you will lie on a massage table or mat around which selected crystals will be placed for your specific healing. You will have already signed up with Bart or myself, Gina, for the session. We will use both quartz and colored stones and minerals. Crystal skulls can also help you in your session if you choose to have them there. We will also use specific healing stones to lay on top of your body at key chakra locations and areas which may need healing in some way. Your chakras or energy centers regulate the flow of energy in the body and the crystals help to stimulate energy flow through these centers. We will use a combination of energy healing techniques which may include: Reiki, Deeksha, Sacred Sounds, and Q'ero Inca Shamanism to energize the crystals to help in relieving energetic blocks and to bring peace, light, and transformation in accordance with your highest good. You can also ask us to only use the energy of the crystals themselves, if you prefer. Each session is individualized to the person and his/her needs and wishes at the time of appointment.

Contact us if you are interested in a Crystal Healing Session.