Crystal Skulls Workshop Part Three

Our Crystal Skull Healing Team

In the Introduction to Crystals Skulls Workshop and Crystal Skulls Part Two, we began with some basic information, background history, and moved on to teach some methods to work with crystal skulls by learning to activate and communicate with them. In the Crystal Skulls Three Workshop we continue to show you ways that you can increase your contact and communication with them in more advanced ways. This crystal skull workshop will go over the following topics:

  1. Making agreements with crystal skulls for healing purposes
  2. Gridding with crystal skulls
  3. Methods to work with crystal skulls for healing
  4. Working with crystal skulls for global healing and raising consciousness
  5. A crystal skull meditation
  6. How to work with crystal skulls and sound vibrations
  7. Question and answers

Many people would like to work with crystal skulls in their healing practice or for personal or global healing. The Crystal Skull Workshop Part Three investigates how to specifically work with crystal skulls for healing in all those ways. We will teach you various ways from different healing traditions in shamanism and other energetic healing methods.

Before we start working with a particular crystal skull or any crystal or stone, for that matter, we need to ascertain if that skull is suited for the purpose or if it agrees to work with you in a ways you have in mind. It may be that it would like to help you or it may suggest to you that it would rather work on another issue with you instead. In that case, it is best to either adjust your plan or ask another crystal skull to partner up for the project. We emphasize ethics when working with any spirit in nature, animal or person.

Some other unique and specific ways we will teach you to work with crystal skulls is with gridding and also with sound and vibrations. You will also get a chance to meditate with crystal skulls and various healing sound instruments and try out some healing grid formations. In the end, we will have time for you to ask any questions about the topics we covered or other questions you may have about crystal skulls. We will do our best to answer them.

If you are interested in signing up for the Crystal Skulls Part Three Workshop contact us. You may also wish to consider the Introduction to Crystal Skulls and Crystal Skulls Part Two Workshops, but they are not a prerequisite. This workshop may be taken as an individual or group.