Illumination - Sami Healing

Illumination Ina healing technique to bring in pure light into you luminous body

Illumination in Quechua translates as K'anchaq. Pure energetic light or sami is an essential tool in the Inca shamanic tradition. It is intrinsic to every healing technique and correlates with cleansing. There are many qualities and sources of light, in fact, and each delivers a unique kind of healing. The light of the stars, constellations, sun, moon, planets, lightning, plants, animals, mountains, lakes, and the elements provide many significant kinds of healing.

In the Illumination, the light of the mountains (apus), Mother Earth (Pachamama), and Celestial forces will all be streaming into your energy field to assist you with your personal healing.

The significance of the Illumination healing cannot be emphasized enough because it is connects us with sami. Sami allows us access to the Universe and all the layers of the Cosmos. Sami, or light, is derived from all those sources. Illumination transmits the energy of the Cosmos into your luminous field. This in turn feeds you with a constant supply of light. At the same time, it protects the bubble of your aura by filling your luminous field with pure energy. Essentially, it strengthens your aura and makes you glow.

Prior to your Illumination healing, cleansing must take place so that the temple of your body will be prepared to be make space for the pure light energies. Then healing light will be directed into your aura and physical body. We will focus the light specifically upon the crown, heart, and navel chakras. We will also be asking you about three issues that you want to improve in your life and will help you to illuminate those areas of your life as well. This technique can be used in combination with other healing techniques, but it powerful on its own.

You will walk away with a clean and bright feeling with increased energy to move forward in your life in a calm and peaceful way. It also helps you to recover faster if you have recently had an illness or surgery, emotional distress, or any sort of depletion in your energy field. The light feeds you and brings you back closer to your original state of wholeness. You will find that you are less susceptible to annoyances, triggers, negative contagious thoughts, and even illnesses usually caused by being run down from everyday stress. The Illumination assists you in recovering a sense of yourself and allows your soul to shine.

If you would like to sign up for the Illumination healing, please contact us. It can be done at a distance or in person.