Pleiadian Stars Healing - Koto K'anch'ay

This Inca healing connects you to the light of the Pleiades

The Koto K'anch'ay (Light of the Pleiades) is a Q'ero Inca healing technique that was designed specifically for the New Times. The Q'eros believe that they are descendants of the Pleiadians and honor them in many ways. Further, the paqos (shamans) are in direct contact with the koto (star ancestors from the Pleiades) and were told how to do this initiation in preparation for the coming times,

as well as how to adjust to and integrate a higher level of consciousness.

On June 21, 2012, the Pleiadian ancestors visited to embrace us in the light of their/our cosmic family helped to raise the consciousness of the earth (Pachamama), animals, plants, stones, and humans. The Q'ero paqos had been doing a lot to prepare for their return for some time, such as restoration of ancient archaeological sites and energetic integration into their lives and bodies. We are now able to share and pass on this healing to you.

Koto literally means "little star" in Quechua and K'anch'ay means star light energy. K'anch'ay also refers in general to celestial energy or electromagnetism. It is the highest form of spiritual energy used by the paqos and it is effective because it accesses the timeless realms of spirit, allowing the person in need of healing to step out of time and experience a sense of infinity. K'anchay helps maintain the necessary balance between incoming spiritual frequencies and the grounding energies of the Earth (Pachamama), which are necessary to sustain a natural balance between one's physical and luminous bodies or auric field.

We are now in the time of the Great Pachakuti "the time of the new beginning." June 21, 2012 was considered a day of Great Initiation and was also a time when the Divine Feminine was activated on earth, in conjunction with the return of the Pleiadian ancestors. During this time, the ancestors returned and helped us with the beginnings of the transitions. Furthermore, important alignments of the "Four Suns" occurred on June 21st to help bring these frequencies in which had not occurred for millions of years.

On December 21, 2012, the Divine Masculine was activated to be in balance with the Divine Feminine. The process of balancing the Feminine and Masculine energies (both within us and the environment) continues. The shift that occurred in 2012 began what is also known as the Taripay Pacha "the century in which we meet ourselves again." Now, we are adjusting to the new frequencies of these times and finding ourselves again. It is a beautiful process, but it also can be difficult because the old energies constantly conflict with the new ones and people and the planet go through a lot of changes. When the changes are resisted, then the process becomes harder and the support of the light and ancestors can help immensely. The ancestors from the Pleiades and other star peoples are helping and would like to help this planet and humanity further. This healing technique is one that the Pleiadians taught to the paqos to be shared for this purpose.

The Koto K'anch'ay healing technique helps you to integrate and connect to the energies of the Pleiades (also known as the Seven Sisters). The energies are streamed into your seven chakras (nawis). Not only is this initiation important for integration and connection to these higher frequencies, but it also clears each one of your chakras. The effect is that you will have more and more light within yourself. So, even if there is anger, fear, ego, or any lower emotional state you are experiencing, there will be more light and more love next to it. This medicine helps you to heal years back (and into your genes and family tree) and cleans dysfunctional unhealthy pieces you might not have known existed within you, but had been sitting there for some time. Another way to say this is that the Koto K'anch'ay illuminates the cellular memory and DNA where we store memories of the past and clears this in relation to the future. It is now possible to more easily clear past dysfunctional energies. In a sense, this process does go back into time to help heal old wounds and traumas and clear you.

Each koto (little star) in the Pleiades can help bring in different healing energies. Each person who has a connection with the Pleiades will also be from or connected to a particular star.

  1. Puriq Qoto (Asterope): Twin Stars. Asterope I & II (feet and legs) Meaning: "To move forward."
  2. Tarpaq Qoto (Taygeta): Meaning: "To plant or sow." The energy is connected to the tail of our spinal column or base of spine. To support ourselves. It is a star of creativity.
  3. Nawi Qoto (Maya): Connected to the Solar Disc or Solar Plexus. This star relates to our identity. It helps us to remember who we truly are.
  4. Munay Qoto (Celeano): This star connects to the Heart and the condition of Love relationships.
  5. Llanqaq Qoto (Electra): This star is related to the Chakana or cross. It creates bridges. It is a star that allows service.
  6. Illary Qoto (Merope): Key word: Perception. This star works with our perceptions and makes these wider or more expansive. It is connected to our Third Eye.
  7. Kanchaq Qoto (Alyceon): Key word: New Beginnings. This star connects to the Crown Chakra. It is the energy of the Divine, Great Spirit, Creator of the World, God, Wiracocha. This star gives a blessing of Pure Energy.

Another aspect of the Koto K'anch'ay deals with power animals sacred to the Inca. These also represent parts and energies of your body. Snake (spine, transformation) Jaguar (sacral chakra, power) Hummingbird (solar plexus, sweetness, ancestors) Condor (heart, 3rd eye, spiritual vision). The Koto K'anch'ay brings light and healing to activate and integrate these aspects of your life on the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional levels. You will be able to step into a new frequency with this healing. It will illuminate your spine and anchor or ground you while giving you a higher vision. The symbol for this is Quetzalcoatl. When this happens within you, you can build on your own Wiracocha or God/Goddess/Divine within yourself and become stronger in light and foundation. The Wirachocha is also translated as 352 layers of light in your auric field.

In Spring 2012, Q'ero Paqos, Don Modesto and Don Bernadino taught us these methods (including the Kausay Muju) for these times. We were told we can share them and pass these healings to others and it is important to do so.

To schedule an appointment for the Koto K'anch'ay Healing, contact us. This healing may be done in person or long distance.