Cleansing and Charging Crystals Workshop

Learn how to cleanse and charge your crystals

The Cleansing and Charging Crystals workshop is essential for anyone who truly loves to work with crystals and wants to maintain or enhance their energies in the most positive and advantageous ways. You will also first learn how to energetically clean your crystals and then after they are cleaned, you will learn how to charge them up. If you are working with crystals over time, or even if you just purchased or found one, you should know how to maintain them for their optimal healing use.

If you work with crystals that have accumulated many different kinds of energy from other people, places, or circumstances, it is best to give them some attention by cleaning and clearing the energies so you may work with them freshly. In the Cleansing and Charging Crystals Workshop you will learn the dynamics and practice of cleansing and charging your crystals and how these techniques are interactive. These are important techniques which you find useful to do again and again, in many ways.

While you will find that the crystals themselves are mostly self-clearing over time, the process of cleansing and charging them is an interactive exercise that also helps us to clean our own auras and charge up, as well. What we do for the crystal, we do for ourselves. They are like mirrors for us in that respect. Still, some crystals may hold memories or imprints from other people as well. It can be beneficial to clear old energies or imprints, especially if they feel on some level to be clouding the crystal or blocking it in some way.

In the Cleansing and Charging Crystal Workshop we will be working with elements in nature to help assist us with this process. We will also work with incense, essential oils, plants, intention, the assistance of guides, breath, sound and several other forms of cleansing, as well as charging processes.

If you are interested in the Cleansing and Charging Crystal Workshop, please contact us. This workshop may be done as an individual or group. It may also be done at a distance, as an individual.