Stonehenge Ceremony

Stonehenge Ceremony Spring 2012

On March 24, 2012, ISE travelled to the Salisbury Plains in England to participate in a gathering for crystal skulls and caretakers at Stonehenge. There were many people who travelled from all over the world to be there. Australian, American, Dutch, German, and English crystal skull guardians converged on Stonehenge for the ceremonies which were set up to correspond with the Spring Equinox time.

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Crystal Skulls and Sound Retreat Tintagel

Crystal Skulls and Sound Retreat Tintagel, 2011

We invite you to Ancestors of the Earth and Stars: Crystal Skulls, Merlin and the Sidhe with Sound Activations at Sacred Sites.

In days of old, a Druid Shaman known as Merlin incarnated on this earth to the raise the consciousness of the planet. He is also known by other names in other lives and later came to be known as the ascended master, St. Germaine of the Violet Flame.

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Rainbow Warrior Gathering

Rainbow Warrior Gathering , Colorado Springs, May 2010

This May 26-28, during the time of Wesak (celebration of enlightenment in Buddhist tradition), and also the Second Harmonic Convergence time, you are invited to meet with like-minded souls to gather together for a celebration for unity and healing in the world.

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Revisiting the Sacred Stones in England

Revisiting the Sacred Stones in England Retreat, 2009

How can I begin to describe the incredible energies and synchronicities of this special week? It is not entirely possible, but here is a taste of what we experienced. The main concept or theme was to celebrate the Fall Equinox period of balance and thanksgiving; to meet and be supported by like-minded friends and to have a marvelous time in the mystical land of Avalon.

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