Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval healing is used in Inca shamanism to retrieve lost soul fragments

In the Incan shamanic tradition and other shamanic traditions around the world, there is a form of cleansing and renewal therapy utilized to help restore the health of a person on a very deep level. It is known as Soul Retrieval. When other types of cleansing from stress or illness do not sufficiently solve the problem, then Soul Retrieval may be recommended in order to recover pieces of one's spirit or soul so that one's auric field or luminous body can retain its light and energy and not continue to be leaked out or drained.

When one experiences soul loss, it is not that you have entirely lost your soul! But it can be that a piece of yourself that you were born with is now missing. This can happen due to a trauma of some type. Sometimes the trauma is even blocked from one's memory because it was too hard to deal with, but remains unresolved in a person's emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies and causes problems in several ways over time. You may notice the symptoms of this when you structurally on a constant basis do not feel like you are "all together" or "all here" and that is actually true. You have lost a piece of yourself. During a soul retrieval healing, these pieces can be retrieved and reintegrated for you.

Soul loss can occur at any time in one's life and the causes of soul loss are many with most people experiencing some degree of soul loss during their lifetime. Some examples of soul loss are physical, emotional or sexual abuse although the perpetrator may know or may not know that his/her actions cause soul loss in another. An abusive relationship is another situation where you may lose a part of your soul. Serious illnesses can cause soul loss so that one continues to keep getting sick over and over. Repressed, forgotten gaps in memory could be attributed to soul loss. Experiences of deep grief can cause soul loss. These could occur in a divorce situation, death of a loved one, loss of something important to you in your life and so forth.

Here are is a partial list of symptoms:

  • You may have a difficult time staying "present" in your body.
  • You may feel numb, that you do not care about life or anything else.
  • You may feel consistently depressed
  • You may have problems with your immune system and have trouble resisting illness.
  • You may have gaps in your memory of your life from a certain time period. Do you sense that you may have blacked out significant traumas in your life?
  • You may have a number of addictions to, for example, alcohol, drugs, food, sex, shopping, or gambling. Are you trying to find external things to fill up an internal void or emptiness?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be dealing with soul loss. Important parts of your essential core self may not be available to you. This part of you still exists and can be returned to you through the soul retrieval.

During the process of soul retrieval, we will make a special journey for you into other worlds to help recover a piece of your soul that has been lost. We ask your spirit if it is agreed to bring this back in order for you to begin the process of healing. We work with your heart and crown chakras to bring back energy to those areas.

The benefits of soul retrieval may include:

  • More passion, vital energy and light increases with a stronger, more protective auric field.
  • Increasing ability to have healthier relationships (humans, animals, plants, all of life)
  • Easier to be in the flow so that you can embrace change and make decisions in your life
  • Feel more fully present and alive in your life and in your body
  • More resistance to disease and chronic illness.

To schedule an appointment for the Soul Retrieval Healing contact us. This healing may be done only in person.