Gina O'Connor

Gina O'Connor

My Spiritual Background and Philosophy of Life

Flowing through Nature is a guiding force that is Consciousness itself. By listening to and speaking with Nature and paying attention to my own internal guidance system, I aspire to attune to the Divine Essence that limitlessly and timelessly permeates all of life. Although I have studied many spiritual traditions, there is really only one teacher and master for me and that is Nature. I always feel the most connected, comfortable, spiritually aware and receive the most healing when I am among the trees, mountains, rivers, and animals. Since I was born, it has always been that way for me, wherever I have lived or traveled.

I believe that much of modern Western society has forgotten how to connect, find balance with and learn from Nature. Therefore, I resonate the most deeply with indigenous (land based) traditions, as well as Eastern philosophies because they have taught me best how to connect with Mother Earth and observe and understand the nature of Being. They have taught me to balance myself on inner and outer levels and to understand they are inseparably One. They have also taught me how best I can share healing and peace with others.

Many indigenous traditions wisely teach how to bring reciprocity, balance, and deep connection into all relationships- with nature, spirit, and community. "We are all related", they say. Thus, they teach us to live closely and respectfully with the spirits of the land so that the land will inform us how to sustain it and ourselves, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. With equal wisdom, many Eastern philosophies teach how to free the mind from ego and illusion and achieve inner peace and compassion in the present moment through meditation and raising consciousness. In combination, these teachings enrich, inspire, and guide my life on the deepest levels. They focus on what I feel is most important in how we can make a positive difference in the world, as individuals as well as global and local citizens.

While I happily walk my own path, I also respect many other paths and ways that people have expressed their spirituality throughout the world and history. I do not find it useful to convert anyone to my way of thinking because I cannot judge what people's lives bring to their spiritual evolution and the greater evolution of consciousness. I am very willing, however, to share my spiritual views on life and what I have learned if I am asked about it.

My Education and Background (Teacher, Archaeologist, Artist, Writer, Healer)

Over the course of my life thus far, I have gathered quite a few experiences and teachings which have lead me where I currently am at this present moment. I graduated from the University of Tennessee, the University of Colorado, and the University of the Ozarks and earned my Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Archaeology/Anthropology, Comparative Religions, and Fine Arts. I also attended the International School for Jewelers; became a Reiki Master; and am an apprentice of several Q'ero Inca paqos from Peru through the Serena Anchanchu School of Inca Shamanism training to become a Pampamesayoq (shaman/healer/earth keeper). This is a life-long training and way of walking in the world.

In order to weave together my academic and spiritual trainings into something unique and personally transformative for people, in 2006, I began to organize workshops, seminars, and retreats around the world drawing upon my background in culture, history, religious experience, healing, art, and ancient civilizations. This was the beginning of International Spiritual Experience. Over the years, through ISE, there have been healing retreats held throughout the USA, Mexico, Spain, England, Cornwall, the Netherlands, Greece and Ireland. Later, I moved from the USA to the Netherlands to live with my spiritual partner, Bart Peters. We then began to focus together more specifically and intensively on Inca Shamanism through the teachings of the Q'eros. We have developed (and continue to develop) our specialization in this field of shamanic healing, but continue to offer other special teachings and healings that we resonate with, as well.

My specialties include:

  • Q'ero Inca shamanism (healing, divination, and teaching)
  • tree healing and communication with plants, crystals, and nature
  • spiritual art
  • Deeksha/Oneness blessings
  • ancient civilizations/archaeology
  • meditation
  • intuitive readings
  • crystals and crystal skulls
  • energy and consciousness studies at sacred places
  • dowsing
  • Usui Reiki healing and teaching

Additionally, I offer healing jewelry and crystals to connect people with pieces that are just right for them. I am also a freelance writer.

In Gratitude to my Teachers

The biggest influences in my life have been my family, Buddhist, Q'ero Inca, Native American and Celtic traditions, and the inspirational teachings of writers like Eckhart Tolle, Stephen Burhner, George Washington Carver, Jane Roberts, the Dalai Lama, and other selfless, creative and humbly heroic visionaries. There are too many to name them all. My life is also counseled and inspired by my dearest friends in nature (personal relationships with special animals, trees, mountains, flowers, and stones). I also want to express the deepest gratitude and regard for my teachers the Q'ero paqos (Don Claudio, Don Mariano, Don Dante, Don Lorenzo, Dona Ernestina, Don Sebastian, Dona Paulina, Don Modesto, Don Bernadino, Dennis Alejo Mango, Luis Alejo Mango). And I want to acknowledge my partner, teacher, and love, Bart for all that we have shared, taught each other and learned from each other.