Night School

Visit the Ascended Masters, angels and other light beings in your sleep.

It is important to realize that if you are on the path of ascension (elevation enlightenment of yourself to a higher state of consciousness) and you are looking for development opportunities there are even options that you can use while you sleep. Everybody can visit the Night School!

So you can visit a night school during sleep your if you wish. But what does it do for you and how can visiting a "Night School" be beneficial? Visiting a night school of one of the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Elohim will help you in many ways. It will expand your consciousness, raise your personal frequencies, increase your spiritual growth and help prepare you for the new era. You learn directly from the Masters and Angels on a conscious or unconscious level. The latter depends on the person and perhaps a particular night school someone visits. It is not always the intention that you will remember what is being taught on a conscious level. There is at all times a lot going on at the level of our

Higher Self. The amount of information that is available is unimaginably large and our conscious mind cannot entirely (yet) contain it. Every so often I experience a lesson consciously during my sleep, as I visit. And I mean that in the most literal sense. Sometimes I really visit a school with fellow students andI am aware that I am being taught something in another dimension.

Another dimension is an environment or landscape, usually very beautiful and special. We always experience many dimensions unconsciously in our sleep, what we call dreams. Things may therefore be different in many ways in another dimension, such as a School Night. Sometimes it is recognizable as Earth but with other properties than you are used to. An example is a gymnastic hall I've visited during a night school. Very recognizable but it is even better to be taught how to fly in that particular dimension (differences in gravity) and playing tag while you are learning this. I've returned at this place several times, litterally to come and practice and noticed progress over time. You may also see other beings and find that they want to teach you something, just be there, talk to you or something else. Nothing is too crazy and everything is possible if you yourself are open for it. In any case, it does not compare to school as we know it. The Night Schools are Spiritual and Mystical Schools and it's always fun to do! Even though I can be sometimes unaware of it when I wake up, I know I'm going. So, trust that it happens when you ask.

How to visit a Night School?

Ask at any time of the day to a Master, Archangel or Elohim: (example) "El Moyra, may I please visit your night school during my sleep?" ..... That's all. Remember when you wake up or during the day when you are thinking about the Master, Archangel or Elohim, to thank them.

It is absolutely true that sometimes you wake up tired after visiting night school, while you've had really enough "Earthly sleep". This is because you have visited a night school and at that moment learned something valuable. But it needs to integrate into your system. Integrating the knowledge gained can therefore cause you to wake up tired that day. This "tiredness" usually fades away early in the day. This happens to me regularly and I'm not worried about it because I know now that the process of integrating any energy, also requires energy. The human body is in fact slower and requires more time to integrate energy than our minds and energetic bodies. Raising your vibrational level, frequency, ... (the amount of energy you can integrate and transmit, what in turn expands your consciousness continuously), ensures that the integration(s) will happen faster and easier. There are countless ways to raise your vibration. Some simple ways to increase the personal vibration are meditation, relaxation, nature, no media, super foods, energy work, sacred sounds, etc. I also do not exclude of course that many people are allready automatically visiting night schools.

Guidance to Night School

Dr. Joshua David Stone (based on the work of Alice Bailey) has found out that if someone first visits the night schools of the seven Masters, Archangels and Elohim that this would be enormously supportive for one's personal spiritual growth and ascension process. I will indicate below which Masters, Archangels and Elohim belong to the seven rays. The general advice is to first visit the Masters first, then the Archangels and finally the Elohim. Of course this is not carved in stone, so do what feels good for you. I had already visited some Masters and Archangels before I got this information. I then simply continued the advised order and skipped those I had already visited (since I already had been there).

I usually visit a night school during these times (since everything happens much faster) for 1-2 weeks. Sometimes more but never less than seven days. You can also (frequently) re-visit a night school if you feel called to do so. I have indicated the recommended sequence by Dr. Joshua David Stone in bold. You actually only have to visit at least one Master, Angel or Elohim per Ray. Of course anyone can visit any Master, Archangel or Elohim that they want. The advised sequence is meant to help get people started in their process as quickly and optimally as possible, at as low cost as possible. So you start with El Moyra, then Kuthumi, afterwards Serapis Bey, etc. until you have completed all seven Night Schools of the Ascended Masters by visiting at least one master of each ray. Then start with the Archangels and finish the row of the Archangels until you eventually visit the Elohim night schools. I wish you much fun!

First Ray: personal strength, willpower

  • Masters: El Moyra and Allah Gobi
  • Archangels: Michael and Faith
  • Elohim: Hercules and Amazonia

Second Ray: love and wisdom

  • Masters: Kuthumi, Maitreya, Lanto, Djwah Khul
  • Archangels: Jophiel and Christine
  • Elohim: Apollo and Lumina

Third Ray: active intelligence, creative intelligence and mental action

  • Masters: Serapis Bey, Saint Germain
  • Archangels: Chamuel and Charity
  • Elohim: Heros and Amora

Fourth Ray: harmony and beauty

  • Masters: Paul the Venetian
  • Archangels: Gabriel and Hope
  • Elohim: Purity and Astrea

Fifth Ray: the science of knowledge

  • Masters: Hilarion
  • Archangels: Raphael and Mother Mary
  • Elohim: Cyclopia and Verginia

Sixth Ray: devotion, spiritual idealism, abstract idealism

  • Masters: Sananda (=Jesus = cosmic Christ) and Lady Nada
  • Archangels: Uriel and Aurora
  • Elohim: Peace and Aloha

Seventh Ray: ceremonial order, magic, freedom, rituals, organization, transmutation, Divine structure, alchemy, violet flame, invocation, divine life, spiritual traditions

  • Masters: Saint Germain and Lady Portia
  • Archangels: Zadkiel and Amethyst
  • Elohim: Lord Arcturus and Victoria

If you want more information about the Ascended Masters, Angels, etc., I refer you to the next page:

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